Bus Rates

The Grange International Preschool recommends Schoolber to provide island-wide school bus services. All payments to be made directly to Schoolber.
Distance Per Term
Below 2km $846 ($282 Avg / mth)
2 to 4km $987 ($329 Avg / mth)
4 – 8km $1,034 ($344 Avg /mth)
8 – 12km $1,128 ($376 Avg /mth)
12 – 16km $1,245 ($415 Avg/mth)
Above 16km $1,316 ($438 Avg /mth)
Application for School Bus Services
Application for the service will be handled by Schoolber. Click the button below to apply for the bus service. You will then be contacted by Schoolber once the due process has been done.
Transport Feedback Procedure

If you have any queries or feedback about Schoolber’s transport service, please contact their friendly team at: