Learning Blocks

Young Botanists

Being a school positioned to develop global citizens of the world, the children will be given opportunities to develop a loving relationship with plants and especially common plants found in Singapore homes and gardens. Their involvement in caring for the plants will help develop in the young children important values such as caring, responsibility, resilience and respect for nature. This will pave the way for their primary years where they will continue to contribute to the school community garden and the Garden-to-Table initiative that teaches us that we can all grow plants at home not just for enjoyment but for food.

Young Chefs

Children will be exposed to basic knowledge about food groups and ingredients to develop their knowledge of nutritious food and nutrition in a practical way. Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and wellbeing throughout life, so early education is an important step in starting children with a positive relationship with food. Through working on simple recipes, we develop important life skills of communication, social interactions, and self-management. Working with their hands is also an excellent way in which these children develop finer motor skills that are important for the future.

Young Artists

Children will use their senses to explore colours, materials, textures, space, lines and shapes involving tools, manipulation, techniques and construction. They will explore how these exists in 3D and 2D forms and can change through manipulation. Children will have the chance to explore Art in the natural environment, and to freely experiment with art, initiating own art adventures.

Young Sportsmen

Children will start to learn about basic hygiene, self-awareness of their body and the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Children will start to learn how to keep themselves safe from harm indoors and outdoors; including water safety, road safety, sun and weather safety and using tools, toys and equipment appropriately. Through physical activities, they will learn the pleasure and importance of being active, and explore a range of movements such as walking, running, kicking, skipping, climbing, rolling, crawling, hopping, jumping, sliding, throwing, catching and swimming (if appropriate). Through engaging in these activities, they practise and refine their gross and finer motor skills, as well as develop confidence, control and coordination.

Young Musicians

Children will be given opportunities to explore rhythm and beat by clapping, tapping, banging, stamping and moving. They will enquire into sounds and music through games and play contexts and also exploring sounds and music in the environment. They will sing songs, explore musical instruments and their sounds and join in musical activities. Children will begin to freely experiment with music making and initiating their own musical adventures.