Partnership Opportunities

The Grange Institution is under Crestar Education Group who boasts over 40 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, we offer expertise to local and regional franchisees to venture into the thriving international education industry.

The Grange franchise advantage includes:

  • A unique corporate identity package
  • A proven and well-balanced curriculum supported with in-house developed teaching and learning resources
  • Unique music and fitness program
  • Professional teacher training
  • Continuing research and development

Benefits of being a Grange franchisee:

  • Regional brand recognition = Faster customer acceptance
  • Established business systems = Worry-free start up and support
  • Unique, differentiated curriculum = Stronger business value
  • Professional training and support = Standard excellence

We are constantly looking for passionate and aspiring entrepreneurs and/or established companies, both locally and regionally.

If you have a strong desire to own a successful education business and a passion to play an instrumental role in empowering our future generation, talk to us and learn about our time-tested education system.

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