VERE 360

The Grange Institution has partnered up with VERE360 to create immersive educational content for its students. VERE360 is complementing The Grange’s future-focused curriculum by using virtual reality, allowing students to see their learning come to life! Virtual reality empowers teachers to conduct highly engaging lessons that leads to great retention of knowledge.

Examples of lessons powered by VERE360, created with The Grange:

What’s in your Head?

We brought students right inside our heads! Students had the opportunity to explore a 3D-modelled puzzle, where they could take apart various parts of the brain to learn about the individual functions. Afterwards, the students put the parts of the brain back together, learning basic anatomy.

Here is a demo of the 3D modelled content that was used for the lesson:

Day in the Life of a Water Droplet

This lesson was meant to serve as a refresher on the water cycle that students learnt throughout their Unit of Learning. Using virtual reality, the students were placed in the shoes of a water droplet that went through the stages of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. This helps students to solidify their understanding of this topic.

Here is the VR content that was used for the lesson:

Music in the Dark

This content was created during the period of Home-Based Learning. Relying on just their sense of hearing to explore various musical instruments around a darkened room, it engages and provides students with a form of sensitivity towards sound and music even when they had no direct access to the music room in school.