Eight of our nine preschool graduates have started their first academic year at our sister primary school – The Grange Institution. For these students, the smooth transition is attributed to our strong emphasis on holistic development at a young age.

The holistic development in preschool makes the transition to primary school smoother

The Grange International Preschool (TGIP) lays the foundation for young learners using the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). Through a highly dynamic play-based environment revolving around thematic units, it achieves balance by allowing both child-initiated and teacher-directed learning. This encourages our young learners to be more confident in exploring their interests and embracing the interconnected nature of learning.

Housed on the same campus as The Grange Institution, our preschoolers have the opportunity to collaborate with their primary aged peers while experiencing life in a multicultural context. This gives them confidence and facilitates this smooth transition into the primary years.

Students of all ages from preschool to primary get to interact with one another

We recently checked in with Doris, our K2 graduate who has enrolled in a local school in Singapore, to find out how she was doing. Her mother, Ms Bonnie, told us about Doris’ adaptability and self-confidence for her first month in a new environment.

“Doris adapted easily to the MOE school’s new surroundings. She made friends with her classmates and teachers on her very first day of school. She now visits the canteen during break and purchases her own snacks and beverages. We believe that her time with TGIP has been very helpful. She was surrounded by love and care while she was in TGIP and now has the confidence to step out of her comfort zone.”

  • Bonnie, mother of Doris, TGIP Graduate (2022)

Doris and her family at the kindergarten 2 graduation

We are proud that our graduates can adapt to any educational system they progress into. Here are some of the photos of our graduates who are now in The Grange Institution. Let’s have a peek at how they are doing!